Glenmarie: Couples Favourite Wedding Venue

You might hear of Glenmarie in your lifetime. Glenmarie nowadays is getting more popular these days. Many couples like to host their dream wedding at Glenmarie wedding hall. Glenmarie wedding hall is catering for couples with different races. Malay, Indian and Chinese favours Glenmarie hall the most.

You might ask why couples like Glenmarie so much for once in a lifetime wedding? Many reasons may answer your queries, but this article will tell you the major reason why Glenmarie attracts so many couples.   

1.    Hotel Glenmarie Provides Spacious Ballroom for Your Wedding

Spaces are important to fit in the beloved guest as much as possible. Glenmarie wedding hall able to fit in a minimum of 350 guests. If you don’t think it is spacious enough for you, don’t worry, hotel Glenmarie has bigger halls for you.

Celebration with this great number of guests is blissful. People cheer up each other during the wedding and it is also a perfect time to gather with long lost siblings. This is an occasion where people would like to remember.

Wedding hall generally sounds grand to guests and couples. The spacious event spaces look generous, elegant and clean. Glenmarie has over years of experiences in hosting a wedding ceremony, catering different kinds of needs.

2.    Glenmarie is Famous in Garden Wedding Themes

Grab your dream wedding at Glenmarie. It is not a dream anymore when you can realize your garden wedding just like a movie film.

As mentioned before Glenmarie is spacious to cater to various types of wedding. Malay couples like to host a wedding at Glenmarie because of its flexibility of themes. The themes can be fantasy and practically not realistic such as Twilight Saga, Narnia themes and so on.

Not to mentioned Glenmarie can decorate elegantly for any wedding event. Although the garden wedding themes sound so wild, Glenmarie able to transform the wildness into a graceful event.

3.    Attractive Wedding Packages Offered by The Holiday Inn Glenmarie 

Other than the benefits of its luxurious event space, Glenmarie offers attractive wedding packages. The packages include stays overnight for the couples to enjoy their honeymoon after the wedding. The stays are included with breakfast and a grand room for two.

Furthermore, there are packages for a Chinese wedding, Malay or Indian wedding, Garden Menu, Western Menu, Garden Ceremony and Akad Nikah. Those wedding packages cater to different needs of various ethnic and races.

Besides, some of the Glenmarie wedding packages offer honeymoon trip to the couples too such as Phuket two days one-night trip. That is why Glenmarie is one of the most popular hotels in Shah Alam.

4.    Perfection Comes with Price, this is a Wedding Venue You Should Try

The price might be the most influential factor that limits your choices. Holiday Inn Glenmarie offers price is considered affordable. If you compare the price to the facilities and catering services provided by Glenmarie, it might be the right choice for your big, big day.

Wedding is once in a lifetime memory that each couple wants to remember. Glenmarie does not guarantee perfection to you but the satisfaction to you. They are detailed-oriented, experienced in organizing events and they understand your needs.

Does Glenmarie is the perfect wedding venue for you? Give it a try and experience happiness with Glenmarie.